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Get Private Help With Your Cold Emails

One of the biggest mistakes people new to the Cold Emailing System™ make centers around the part of the cold email called your “elevator pitch.” If you get this wrong, your response will suffer. There are other land mines you have to watch out for, but clearly the “elevator pitch” is where a lot of people go wrong.

The cold emailing strategies you’re about to discover in the 4 modules are extremely powerful, but you have to remember that this is a skill that you develop. It takes time and practice.

But I’m all about finding the effective shortcuts in just about everything I do.

And right now, I’d like to offer you one of those shortcuts…

So I’m offering you a “hack” of sorts to help boost the quality of your cold emails without having to put in the hours.

Basically, you’ll get to borrow my experience and help as we work together on YOUR cold emails during a private one hour consultation.

We can cover a LOT of material in 60 minutes, so this time can be extremely valuable to help you use cold email to generate leads, get meetings and close deals.

As word of The Cold Emailing System™ gets around, the demands that are being placed on my time make private consultations much rarer and more expensive.

As part of your enrollment in The Cold Emailing System™, however, I’m offering you a one hour consultation for $1,000.

Just ONE effective cold email can create huge results, so consider this opportunity an investment in your future success.

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